Highschool of the Dead

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Highschool of the Dead

Post by Marvin on 2010-07-24, 18:50

Ok, i wanna make this is that we can post what you think bout H.O.T.D. Overall, i liked it but having a 25 chapter stopped for so long manga only having a 13 episodes long anime? i mean seriously, how can you finish soo much in soo little time?. Let me know by commenting big smile
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Re: Highschool of the Dead

Post by Kyoki on 2011-03-11, 09:49

It only has 25 chapters? I was wondering why the anime was so short. But yea, how can it be so short like that? It's so awesome. When I saw the first episode I immediately fell in love with the anime. Awhile back I think I read rumors bout a second season... but those were probably just rumors. :/
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