[Shadow Hearts From the New World (Disc 2)] Un gemito dell'estinto ~Game Over~

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[Shadow Hearts From the New World (Disc 2)] Un gemito dell'estinto ~Game Over~

Post by F r i s k on 2010-10-05, 05:53

Album: Shadow Hearts From the New World (Disc 2)
Track: 28

Original lyrics from the poem Nebbie by Ada Negri. Nebbie was eventually turned into a song by Ottorino Respighi. The first verse in Nebbie was also used for the Hanakisou bonus song Hajimari wo Tsugerumono (What Informs of the Beginning). Quite a bit of Shikata's early Italian works come from Respighi.

Alto gracchiando, i corvi,
Fidati all'ali nere,
Traversan le brughiere

Dell'aere ai morsi crudi
Gli addolorati tronchi
Offron, pregando, i brochi nudi.
Come ho freddo!

Son sola;
Pel grigio ciel sospinto
Un gemito destinto

English Translation
Piercing caw, the crow
Trusting their black wings
Traverse the wilderness,

The air bites rawly
The grieving timbers
Praying, give a bare branch.
As I am cold!

I am alone;
Pushed into the grey heaven
A moan of the dead

My Italian is so-so, so if you spot a mistake kindly let me know.
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