[Hanakisou Original Soundtrack (Disc 1)] Hakoniwa no Soto de ~ Bonus Track~

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[Hanakisou Original Soundtrack (Disc 1)] Hakoniwa no Soto de ~ Bonus Track~

Post by F r i s k on 2010-10-05, 06:23

Album: Hanakisou Original Soundtrack (Disc 1)
English song name: Outside the Miniature Garden

Original lyrics from Abbandono by Annie Vivanti and composed by Ottorino Respighi (although he is not the composer for this song). Bits of Abbandono were also used for Haikyo to Rakuen.

Io sono tanto stanca di lottare,
Dammi la pace tu che solo il puoi.
Io sono tanto stanca di pensare
Dammi il sereno de' grand' occhi tuoi.
Io sono tanto stanca di sognare
Tu mi risveglia a giorno glorioso.
Io sono tanto stanca di vagare
Legami l'ale e chiamami al riposo.

English Translation
I am so tired of struggling,
Give me the peace that only you can.
I am so tired of thinking
Give me the peaceful grand of your eyes.
I am so tired of dreaming
You will awaken me to a glorious day.
I am so tired of wandering
Tie my wings and call to rest.

My Italian is so-so, so if you spot any mistakes kindly let me know. English lyrics are also very literal.
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