Shikata's blog - 2010.04.12

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Shikata's blog - 2010.04.12

Post by Wasabi on 2010-11-29, 01:41

The best time to see sakura have gone.Now instead of just looking a double cherry, beautiful blooms, she enjoys the spring mood.

Theres a pile of work to do and shes sorry to keep us waiting for not regularly updating the blog.She feel strange and complicated. However, by blogging, its a load off the shoulder..such a relief(laughs)

For the inori no kanata single, she is sorry to be unable to introduce those instruments as this instrument can not be taken,she'll try to have a chance and try to shoot..

Instrument count!

If your interested, please visit the site of musician Koichiro Tashiro.
and the percussion (page could not be found)

For a certain section of music, she hopes to play a different approach.

Please check out (a musician i think )

This instrument is called a koto

it is featured in RAKA's mahoroba.
The koto player , Gayo Nakagaki!

On Ar Tonelico's thanksgiving..

Monitors in the dressing room!

During the event, there was a question about "EXEC_EP = NOVA /." She had lots of fun during the event and apparently she love this kind of festive mood.
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