Shikata's blog - 2010.02.15

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Shikata's blog - 2010.02.15

Post by Wasabi on 2010-11-29, 14:32

"Tea & Music"

she is at a loss for getting out idea of the composition.
Went back outside to eat about an hour to "switch the head."
She stopped abit and peeped into an Asian grocery store.
At that time, the BGM played in the shop is her favorite exotic healing music,
When she asked the clerk what music, it is with the CD which it sells in a shop.
She purchased it without question and went home!

Immediately, she went home and played the CD.
inside of the head which the music evidence had circulated through round and round felt fine at considerably. However, Worried that the music in another music heal it, because
she feel kind of strange (laughs)

And she forgot to buy a cup of tea!
She had to go and buy!

Without something to drink while working, human beings make no headway,
She have collected many kinds of tea, online too.

Because production work becomes quite already busy, Like a squirrel before the hibernation, she began storage of tea.
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