Creativity Zone Rules

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Creativity Zone Rules

Post by Marvin on 2010-12-14, 21:19

Creativity Zone Rules

Creativity Lounge/Zone

This section will house all conversations about art. Be it the software, the trends, what is new, how to do something. Anything which we as artists wish to discuss among ourselves. For community conversations please use the community section of ASH. To do so simply select the Community tab on the home page. If you wish for a discussion among fellow artists this is your section.

Member Showcase:

The following are the rules for the Member Showcase section, they are to be respected at all times. Any deviation from these rules will result in a closed thread and an infraction for spam.

This section is used for all new work which you would like to have shown to your fellow members. One of the important steps to improving your work is through Constructive Criticism, also known as CnC, if you are unsure as to what this is or how to give it a link will be provided at the end of this thread. In order to take advantage of this exceptional feature the only steps you must follow are to create a thread for each new piece in its proper section. A detailed description of where to post will be linked at the end of this thread.

By doing this members on the forum will know that you have made something new, and seek CnC.

After a month of inactivity in the thread it will be closed.
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