Drifters-Hirano Kouta

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Drifters-Hirano Kouta

Post by kandori on 2011-03-16, 00:38

Info about Drifters: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drifters_(manga) (If I dragged it here, it would look too messy)

It's sort of cruel, because it depicts war realistically. Unlike Hirano's previous work Hellsing, it has more realism about war. Some inhumane stuff in this manga had already occured in this world, and some are actually present-tense.

However, the characters are hilarious, and the artwork is great (in my opinion). If you are a Hellsing fan, you will probably have high hopes for it. And I think Drifters can develop into a better manga than Hellsing.
And it has some interesting history stuff too.
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