Manga Recommendations

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Manga Recommendations

Post by kazaki03 on 2011-05-17, 18:00

Since there's a thread about Anime Recommendations, I'll start one for Manga.

I recommend the following:

Manga Messiah: For Jesus Christ believers, and to everyone in the world! Spread the love of God! Also, it's full of bishies, lovely colored pages, and meh. smile

MeruPuri: A romance-fantasy manga that made me SQUEE! big smile

Ciel (Korean Manga): Reminds me of Harry Potter. It's very interesting though. xD

Ringu & Ringu 2 Manga: There are actually two versions of Ringu and one version of Ringu 2. The first Ringu version has crappy art though.

Hatsune Mix Manga Series (Vocaloid Manga): This is very funny and random. xD
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