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Razor Ramon HG. Heard of him?

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Razor Ramon HG. Heard of him? Empty Razor Ramon HG. Heard of him?

Post by kazaki03 2011-04-05, 20:31


This is my comical pastime. He will make you smile no matter what. Hahaha! big smile

Masaki Sumitani, a.k.a. Razor Ramon HG (or simply Hard Gay), is a former professional wrestler and a Japanese commedian. His gay instincts are only for acting but he's really straight (he has a wife and a family). His favorite stuff to do is social improvement while doing pelvic thrusts in a black latex suit, most often, saying catchphrases like "FOOOO!" or "OKAAAY!", or sometimes, "SEI SEI SEI!" when someone interrupts him.

He is the king of epic-ness (and epic-fail-ness). big smile
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