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Artesox Eagelin's Journal - Nº1

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Artesox Eagelin's Journal - Nº1  Empty Artesox Eagelin's Journal - Nº1

Post by Artesox 2012-02-10, 21:07

Hello people of Pantalea Harmonia big smile

Well, after losing my old blog, I'm once again here, to say a lot of useless things big smile
(Phio, if you are reading this, could you change the name of the place again to only Enne big smile?)

So, I start this blog with some wonderful news for me, I managed to pass in the university I wanted big smile
I'm very very happy with this, but I'm also trying to be modest, since many of my friends didn't managed to do the same :/

My parents are very proud of it, and now I can literally do anything I want around O_O, just like now, I'm using the internet at 6 Am, usually my mom would say "Already in front of the computer, Pedro?" but now she is all "Good morning son, big smile".
It is actually getting pretty scary O_O

Anyway, I also spent a lot of time writing last months, I managed to write 80% of Enne 1 (Sunset Empress), but I dropped it and I will restart, I still have a lot to learn (Even if I had reached 100%, I started this knowing it would not be the final one)
But I have to say, after one year of rushing Enne, and its five books, I'm a little tired :P, so in January and Febuary I'm paying more attention to other two projects I have, one without a name yet, about Stampunk espionage, and another one called Lunar Flare.

But I have to say, my writing has suffered a lot with so many good distractions around :P

There is a lot of good games to play, like Kingdoms of Amalur, Need for Speed, The sims, and mainly, Skyrim. The last one literally stole my soul for a few weeks O_O
Also a lot of good mangas and animes, I'm currently watching and reading Bakuman, watching Daily live of high school boys (The best comedy anime, ever), Amagami SS+, and Another.

Actually, I'm not really inspired to write a blog today, but I decided to do it, since here was so empty....

Next one will be better cry
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