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Forum Rules & Guidelines

Post by phio_chan on 2010-06-15, 19:16

~by signing up to this forum, you have agreed to the forum rules below~

A Singing Harmony - Forum Rules and Guidelines

A. Posting Guidelines
1. Before you post a topic, please make sure that your topic has not been posted before.
2. When you post your question or your topic, please use words that describe your topic best. Avoid using capital letters.
3. This forum is using English as the main language. So when you post a topic or write replies, please use "good" English so that everyone can understand you. The "good" English here does not include texting (SMS) language style or using numbers. Some of us does not use English as the main language so please use clear and good language so everyone can join the discussion.
4. Avoid writing useless replies or spams or off-topic posts. Posts like these will be deleted immediately and the poster will be informed of it.

B. User Guidelines
1. Do not bash anyone because of who they are or what they say. It's okay for you to have opinions, but we won't tolerate those who are being too fanatic with their opinions and this starting to speak badly of others.
2. Do not write or post spams (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages). Messages that is considered as spams have been listed above.
3. Do not write or post anything relating to porn/hentai. Users with this kind of posts will be banned immediately.
4. Do not advertise anything on your posts. We'd like to make this forum free of any advertisements for you to have a nice stay.
5. Do not make double account. One person is enough with one account.

C. Avatar Guidelines
1. You can use any picture for your avatar, as long as it doesn't contain porn/hentai or advertisement.
2. The maximum size for your avatar picture is 200 x 200 px.
3. The avatar must not bigger than 64 kB.

D. Signature Guidelines
1. You can use any picture for your signature, as long as it doesn't contain porn/hentai or advertisement.
2. You can put words for your signature, as long as it doesn't contain porn/hentai or advertisement.
3. The size of your signature picture is not limited, however, please avoid using huge pictures for signatures to make the loading process of the page faster.
4. The characters used for your signatures must not exceed 500 characters.

E. Warning System
If a member breaks the guidelines above, he will receive warning from the administrators. If he continues to break them, the administrators will keep warning him until the level which is not tolerable anymore. When it comes to such condition, that member will be banned. The level of warning depends on what guideline that member breaks.

Please notice that these guidelines are not made to make you feel afraid of the forum itself. If you have questions, you can ask the administrators or the moderators, we will gladly help you.

Any additional guidelines will be added when necessary.

Thanks for the cooperation! ^^


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