Shikata's blog - 2010.04.26

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Shikata's blog - 2010.04.26

Post by Wasabi on 2010-11-29, 01:24

Finally, its getting closer to the release of Inori no kanata! Hope we look forward to it.
This is traditionally the day before the trip, for example, a child could not sleep ... (laughs)

[1], "Shikata Akiko Audio blog" (tentative)
The courtesy of Frontier Works,
Now we can do audio blogging again! if you are interested, please visit

【2】Launch of Inori no kanata (TALK + FANMEET)
An event on 5/23 @ AKIHABARA. She look forward to seeing us and hope we enjoy.

【3】Inori no kanata Anican interview.
Since i talk about songs, be glad to read, those interested in other language.(somewhere around that line)
Shes actually both very nervous and excited lol. its like shes going to voice talk on the phone and when shes speaking into the microphone alone, this is a particularly noticeable symptom..she tend to talk fast when shes nervous.

She is jealous of a person being able to talk well. They could relax and talk at their own pace..
she is happy that people have come to give encouragement..

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