Shikata's blog - 2010.03.25

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Shikata's blog - 2010.03.25

Post by Wasabi on 2010-11-29, 01:47

Ar tonelico event, successfully completed!
For people who had came to the event, thank you~
The event was a nice fun family atmosphere!

She have lots of work right now.
She thought that today, she'll blog abit.

Today it was raining, sparrows were in a crowded apartment.
Sparrow Mansion, and the tree is named for my own (laughs)
The tree always there, we gathered quite a few sparrows..

Apparently, sparrows sing in the tree..if only there was a fine song..

Also about Mei-chan,
Mei is a picture in my head on the top, and below the tail.
Which is either a head or a tail, I'm sorry. its confusing.
But there again I'm cute (laughs)
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