Shikata's blog - 2010.02.27

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Shikata's blog - 2010.02.27

Post by Wasabi on 2010-11-29, 14:20

Thanks us those who commented on her previous post!

Shes very fond of tea, knowing that some people are also taking...
she ordered too much at once and could not drink for a period of time and they went spoilt lol.
her best work are over a cup of tea.

Anyway. There was a very strange thing yesterday.
She went in living to serve tea again at night around 10:00, The moment electricity suddenly disappeared and it was dark.

Something goes 'papapappapaappapa'

a strange sound, something that flies in the room at a breakneck speed!
It leads me to be surprised, Even though it was yesterday..she cried a voice and felt embarrassed.

Her mother bought her down from the second floor..
calm on-site investigation.
"Oh, not a bat"
It seem like a bird how to fly, perhaps? ? And she thought
it made it, but the bats living for? ? ? ?
All windows in the house is not closed, or slipped into the living room,
theres no idea,
It is a mystery too...

She had bats flying around the room.
It seems to have been tired, she just crawled into the backside when she stopped at on the curtain and became quiet.she made an effort in various ways afterwards to open a window, and to miss it forth. In consultation with mother, it is what isn't good to make too much noise at midnight..

She will think about a method to let a bat go again on the next morning and turned off electricity of the living and just left quietly...

The next morning. The bat disappeared from living room.All the windows in the house was closed.

The truth is mysterious...
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